My name is Jaret Allred. I'm the second oldest in a family of five kids. I've lived in Japan and Mexico, and have traveled to many other places around the world. My dad speaks only Spanish to me at home, im fluent in it. I love to play basketball and want to make the A team this year. One goal I want to accomplish this year is get all A's every quarter. My second goal is to be an expert on geography and history. My third goal is to be able to show how much I learned at the end of the year.


Turtles represent me because turtles are awesome and I love them, they really don't resemble anything about me.

firecracker.jpg This is my REAL picture. It represents my personality. Explosively random. And it makes annoying loud noises.

evil_genius_drevil.jpg This is another picture that represents my personality. It shows Dr Evil. He's an evil genius, similar to myself.

3 skills that I could teach in tech are:
1. Using the program called Flipshare. It uses the Flip camera videos, and I have a Flip camera at home, so I know how to use the program.
2. Downloading things to the computer.
3. Saving files to the H drive correctly. My links: Daniel Williams colin coburn

My European Union Powerpoint: Jaret and Noah's glogster about Nigeria