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Hello and welcome to the Wiki account of Dylan Barnett. I really love being in the 7th grade, because my locker is close to most of my classes, I met new friends and teachers. The things that interest me are sharks, wolves, sushi, blue bird, RVs, large houses with huge yards and pools. I love wearing blue clothes. My favorite subjects in school are gym, Japanese, and math.
The goals that I’m going to achieve in 7th grade Social Studies are:
· To turn in and do well on every assignment in class.
· To learn about different cultures and societies around the world.
· Right down notes while the teacher is lecturing in class.

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  • I could teach people to translate the words into English, from other languages, such as Japanese.
  • How to link into the Wiki.
  • How to upload videos and photo story.

Heres the other the student's links on my first our:
1 alex sHere's the ivasive species project that my group and I did:
Heres the inspiration of the invasive species project:purple_loosetrife.jpgHeres the Alberta, Canada project that my partner, Andrew and I did:http://dylanbarnett1248.edu.glogster.com/false/