Hi! My name is Athena Gutierrez, lots of people call me TINA! I really enjoy playing soccer! My number is 15. I have a dog named Frio, and a cat named Kuuma. I also play the piano. I have been playing for seven years! In the future, I would like to visit Finland! Since I am part Finnish. A few things I like are, forever 21, Disney World, lions, Christmas, soccer, ice cream, puppies, piano, french, doritos, volleyball, twilight, and Harry Potter!
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Three things that I want to acomplish this year in 7th grade Social Studies are:

1. Get an A+ on my report card
2. Be an excpert in a certain topic in social studies
3. Know most of the key tems that we learned this year, and remember what they mean

Two links are:


5 Skills in tecnology that I would be confortable in teaching others would be:

1. How to make a slide show

2. How to use an ipod

3. How to use a phone

4. How to use inspiration

5. How to use a digital camera
British Columbia
Photo Story: Project:Facebook+sample+page+-+JFK[1][1].ppt __Ive learned that sweden Joined the EU early__
1.) Official Language is Sweedish. Sweden has a prime minister2.)The currency is Krona and Euro.3.) Joined the european union Janurary 1st 19954.) Sweeden had rulers until 14th century.Delphine M. , Asha M.

2. Sweden has a prime minister named Fredrik Reinfeldt. After the 14th century Sweden had prime ministers instead of rulers. Also I've learned that Sweden's favorite activities are Tennis,Soccer,Ice Hockey and, Floor Ball. Also I learned that Sweden's currency is Krona and the Euro. -Thomas J.

1.)Language of Sweden is Swedish
2.)The Krona was switched to the Euro
3.)Started on may 29, 1917
4.) Sweden has many religions
Daniel and Jaret

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