Hey this is Abby's wiki space 7th grade social studies. Im excited to be using this wiki space again, I used it last year in 6th grade. I LOVE soccer am almost always playing it when Im at home, If i didnt have soccer I would be so board. My teams name is K.C. wizards no one likes that name but our coach wont change it. I play Midfeild my nuber is 16 its kinda my lucky number. I also play basketball on Berkshire's team,and I do tennies at BHAC. On my soccer team they call me "D" because there was 3 Abby's on the team so they call me D and they dont just call me that at soccer they call me that at school or when they say Hi. My favorite food is Mac and cheese or Pizza.

My goals for this year in Mrs. Goldberg's social studies class are:
To get all A's in class.
Always try my hardest.
Always turn in homework on time unless Im sick
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Here are some of my friends links: Athena, And Shea
5 things that I could teach others about computers is
1. how to use the wiki
2. how to use there H drive
3. how to use E-mail
4. How to save projects
5. And how to upload pictures

Canada Project

Invasive Spiecies Project

EU project:

1.) I learned that they hosted the olympics in 1958.
2.) I learned that they joined the EU Union in 1952.
3.) Officaly joined World War II in Septebmber 3,1939.
4.) Started Tour de france in May 31,1903.
Delphine M.& Asha M.

1.)I learned a lot from this about France
2.)The powerpoint was made very well
3.)There were a lot of good facts about France
4.)I learned that they officially joined world war 1 in 1914
Daniel and Jaret

Nigeria Processing 22: